Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Boys....

The boys were playing this morning so I took a few pictures of them....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A few pics....

Here are a few pics from the other night....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some pictures

Just a few pictures....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Brendan's Birthday

A few more pictures of Brendan...and of course Jeffrey and Ethan!

Brendan Ryan Smith

Brendan Ryan Smith graced us this morning at 7:51 weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces and was 19.75 inches long.
Both baby and mommy are doing fine.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

And the name is....

After an exhausting search, discussion, debate, and thought, we have come up with the name of our new son.

First, before I tell you, I want to thank all of you who have provided votes for the polls, input via e-mail or in person in our search for the perfect name.

Now, with out further delay...our new son, due in October, will be named........Ricky Bobby Smith

Yeah right, just kidding :-) We have decided on Brendan Ryan Smith.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend at the Cabin - Views of Glacier

Our family is blessed to have friends in our lives that allow us to come and visit their cabin and be part of their family. Thank you Dean and Mona.

This past weekend we did just that...spent the weekend at the cabin on St Mary Lake and a little time in Glacier National Park.

Friday night after the rest had called it a night, I did a little night photography on the dock.

Saturday morning we took a trip into Glacier National Park (only a few miles from the cabin). We had lunch in the park then headed up the Going-to-the-Sun Road to Logan Pass and the Continental Divide. After spending a little time on the pass we headed back down and to the cabin.

Saturday night we had a BBQ with Dean, Mona, Liz, Bur, Alyson and Estin. It was good eats and a good time.

Though it was hard, Sunday we packed things up and headed back to Great Falls after a great weekend.
Relaxing at the cabin
Eating Watermellon

Night shots of St Mary Lake

Jeffrey on Logan Pass
Ethan at the cabin
Goat on the Going-to-the-Sun Road
A view from Logan Pass

Clements Mountain viewed from Logan Pass

Brittney and Ethan on Logan Pass Jeffrey and Brittney on Logan Pass

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Barack in Butte

Thursday after work Kelly and I packed up the car and the kids and headed to Butte. We were hoping to see Barack Obama in the 4th of July parade.

After an adventurous trip to Butte (flat tire, car change, storm) we made it and checked into the War Bonnet Hotel in Butte at about 10 PM (too late for Brittney to go swimming). So we called it a night.

The next morning, Independence Day, we all got up only to learn that Barack was not going to be in the parade, due to security reasons. Even though we were disappointed, we had breakfast, got everyone ready, checked out and went to watch the parade anyway.

Though it was long, it was a pretty good parade. Senator Max Baucus and Governor Brian Schweitzer lead the parade off. There were some great floats and lots of politicians!

After the parade we looked around Butte, and went to the Berkley Pit. The Berkley Pit is an open pit mine that ceased operation in 1982 and has been filling up with water every since.

Still a little disappointed we didn't get to see Barack (we couldn't get tickets to the picnic he hosted at Montana Tech), it was decided we would go up to Montana Tech and see how close we could get without tickets. We learned that he was at the World Museum of Mining so we headed that way. Of course we couldn't get very close but we did get to where Highway Patrol had the road block and we parked there.

After about 30 minutes at the exit to the museum (and Kelly checking with the trooper to make sure we were OK where we were), Kelly and Brittney spotted a small group of people leaving the museum, walking across the tennis court about 50 yards away. Sure enough it was Barack and what I would assume was a group of Secret Service agents. Everyone that was waiting in the area we were in jumped out of their cars and I took a couple of pictures. Here is the best one:

Here is the picture enlarged (it is a bit grainy)

Even though we didn't get to see him in the parade, or very close, it wasn't a bad trip at all and we got to see Barack.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Name Poll #2

Since we have yet to come up with a name for our newest little boy due in October, Kelly has created another poll with more choices. You can go vote on it by clicking on this link:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Only in Montana....

Every time I see this sign I can't help but laugh and take a is at a rest stop outside of Missoula...TELL YOUR DOG TO HOLD IT :-)

A few pics....

The past week I've done a bit of traveling...a trip to Helena on Thursday and a trip to Washington this weekend to pick up Brittney. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Holter Lake

Inside of Cataldo Mission in Idaho...the oldest standing building in Idaho

The outside of Cataldo Misson

Multnomah Falls in Oregon, the second tallest waterfall in the USA

Christopher and Brittney at Multnomah Falls

Friday, May 30, 2008

Christopher's Graduation

What a day. Far from the graduation I remember in Barry...287 graduates from Charles M. Russell High School. Here are a few pictures.

This is a picture of Christopher walking up to get his diploma.

This is a picture of Christopher going back to his seat after he got his diploma (he had his back to us when it was presented)

The entire class...

Christopher after graduation.

Christopher and Brittney

Here is the whole group, my beautiful wife Kelly, Me, Brittney, Christopher, Christopher's mom Michelle, his step-dad Jamie, Heather and Don Gartin, Christopher's grand parents. The little cuttie that Heather is holding is Zoe...Mels' daughter. Mel was juggling cameras taking this picture.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Name Link

Try this link...I think it works now

Baby Name Poll

Help us with a name

Please take the following poll to help Todd and I come up with a boy name since my hamburger has turned into a hot dog. Thanks.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Senior Prom

Here are a few pictures of Christopher and his girlfriend Mallory taken this evening before the senior prom.